These days we’re spending less time in the gym and more time at home.

That’s where Weight Up comes in. We're committed to helping maximize your home workout, however you train. Our flexible and affordable service means you can stretch your fitness goals without denting your wallet.



In Spring 2020, I’d just had a baby. COVID-19 had forced us into lockdown, just as I was trying to get back into working out.

I've always loved strength training, but I was still recovering so needed to start small and work my way up. How could I do that without having to buy a whole range of expensive kit that would eventually clutter up my living room when I no longer needed it? Why couldn't I rent it instead?


That’s where the concept for Weight Up came from. Between the baby feeds and sleepless nights, I spent the year that followed building a website, a brand and a product inventory. I filled our spare room with dumbbells and kettlebells.

We launched in March 2021 and have already got customers all over London. I’m proud of how far Weight Up has come, but we’re just getting started…

I had my son four months ago and am getting back into a training routine. Weight Up is so handy. I'll only need light weights and a few bits of yoga equipment to start with, but as my fitness improves, I can swap my kit and up the intensity of my workouts without having to fork out on buying the equipment outright.